Nature’s Neural Network.

Using Physix based feedback, hikers signal trail conditions and threats to the environment or wildlife and generate real time heat maps by the people most informed. Specialists are alerted of threats, as they are addressed, the effects are tracked over time for unintended consequences.

Ecological Intelligence

As solutions are implemented, the positive and negative effects are measured over time. Which proved most effective and efficient? Which proved to be mistakes? As populations and economies change, which measures led to the healthiest environment and highest quality of life for people, animals and plants?

This Ecological Intelligence is a shared visualization of common sense at scale. An apolitical tool for the public to both learn and become actively involved in preserving Mother Earth. We redefine the future of AI by integrating the values of the planet as a fundamental principle of economics.


C. Diane BoretosProfessional Wetlands ScientistMother Nature’s Advocate
Jay MaronNuclear PhysicistMother Nature’s Analyst
Veljko PetrovicΦ6 CoderSpeaks Machine
Mark GuiDeveloperPhysix/MLM code
Dr. Dany0x1Mainer

GreenOps is seeking $2M
to develop the software to monitor Maine’s environment and generate a publicly accessible system of Ecological Intelligence that will inform commercial and legislative actions.
We invite Maine Companies to back us before Physix is commercialized by Big Tech.

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