प्रज्ञा उपक्रम

Democratic and state institutions have lost credibility.
The Prajna Initiative provides a path forward.

The Q-vote generates a real time visualization of public opinion.

Lux Populi

Love it, hate it, or anything in between, every idea can be ranked by how much it “moves the needle”.
Political parties are measured by tolerance for chaos and generation of sustainable independence over time.

This open source system will be developed and submitted to the Nobel Committee as a solution to the chaos and an opportunity to restore trust in public institutions.

NextJen Democracy

Dr. Tamanna KhoslaPolitical Theorist
Veljko Petrovic
Dr. Jay MaronNuclear Physicist
Rajesh UppalVP Technical
Mark GuiDeveloper
Jeramie Huber/Structures
Dr. DanXenopreneur

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